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Since 2001, Enterprise Architects (“EAL”) has secured a leading market position among global management consultancies specialising in strategy, transformation and enterprise architecture.

Delivering our core enterprise architecture service to more than 100 clients has led naturally to evolution. A range of accelerators has been developed, helping to manage costs, while services have been created to help businesses meet strategic challenges such as: digital transformation; merger and acquisition; IT modernisation; business simplification and rationalisation of processes, systems and technology; cybersecurity; IT & data monetisation; data management, quality and governance; security; compliance and GDPR.

Why EAL?

  • We are the experts often described as thought leaders. EAL consultants all hold at least 20 years’ experience applying sophisticated enterprise architecture techniques in every type of business.

  • We will provide honest, transparent and evidence-based advice which may be essential when needing to communicate difficult messages or achieve buy in from key peers and colleagues.

  • Our record of achieving results is clear from the many case studies and client testimonials we have collected over the years. Clients often become long-term partners, who trust our impartial advice and value our ability to tailor our approach and flex as priorities change.

  • Underpinned by a comprehensive framework of methods and tools, our consultants are able to quickly assess and solve complex, real-world problems. Although the problems may be complex, our solutions are always practical. And, at every stage, our insights are distilled into simple messages and consumable visual views – a vital weapon for gaining consensus and driving change.


Our clients say that we remove the noise not by force, but rather with anecdotal evidence.

  • We often work in tandem with speciality industry analysts and business consulting firms to help our clients create and execute strategy. We have transformed, modernised and positively changed our client’s organisations.

  • We have diverse cross industry experience in financial services, education, energy, government, logistics, manufacturing, merchanting, retail, telco, and utilities. Importantly, EAL scales as a team to support large, complex enterprises.

  • We are able to leverage global cross industry c-suite relationships for cross collaboration and learning. Let us know what specific topic you are interested in and we can connect you accordingly.

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