Application Architecture

Our enterprise architecture consultancy practice provides application architecture and design services that help clients with specific enterprise or programme business application areas, applying domain expertise in application and software architecture.

EAL are experts in open source application architecture, enterprise application integration, service oriented architectures (SOA), Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud-based enterprise applications.


Application architecture ensures that your organisation can approach changes to applications with enough definition to de-risk implementation and delivery. Application architecture lays the foundation for business agility, scalability and reliability.


Our BLEAM™ framework and a consultative approach ensures that we understand expected business outcomes first, before we build the application architectures and design patterns to achieve them.

EAL use collaborative design, simplification, business domain expertise and technology leadership to deliver application architectures.


Example deliverables provided for application architecture have included:

  • Enterprise Architecture: city, technical evolution and roadmap planning;
  • Application Architecture: application portfolio catalogue, application criticality matrix, application services, application components (logical and physical), application interfaces, application flows view, application functions, system integration view, system communication view, application/process/data usage matrix;
  • Applications Governance Model: application architecture principles and best practices;
  • Proof of Concept Solutions: design and build of working end-to-end solutions, to prove compatibility and integration of the full architecture;
  • Software Design: UML design, use case modelling, sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, software deployment models;
  • Software Architecture Controls: J2EE and Java software architecture outputs.

Typical Outcomes

All businesses today benefit from using software. An applications architecture describes the behaviour of the software applications developed and used in a business, how they interact with each other and how they provide value.

Applications architecture ensures that the suite of applications being used are resilient, scalable, reliable, available, performing and with manageable risks.

Case Studies

  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Solution, application and technical architecture for strategic biometrics programme
  • Federated Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development and strategic new Quotation platform design
  • IT Modernisation blueprint & roadmap
  • Enterprise Architecture Consulting
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture and Delivery Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • GRID Smart Machines Digital Transformation & Delivery
  • Solution Architecture
  • Digital Transformation & Delivery
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development

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