Business Architecture

Our Business Architecture service develops sustainable business design within our client’s internal and external environment. Business architecture is a critical and fundamental part of architecture, implementing business strategy to ensure the future viability of a company’s business model.

Business architecture is concerned with the strategic implementation of an organisation’s business goals. Our Business Architecture service ensures that business leadership will be fully supported in implementing their business strategy and transforming their business.

Why Would You Need This Service?

Business architecture is gaining recognition as a game-changing discipline that enables businesses to address major challenges in new and unique ways. Simply put, business architecture allows a business to establish a common vocabulary, shared vision, and a degree of transparency that facilitates initiatives ranging from M&As to the reversal of customer attrition.

How We Deliver This Service

EAL’s Business Architecture service involves the development of a number of models: of your business’ organisation, people, business capabilities, services, functions, processes and information – all aligned to the business vision, strategies, goals and objectives.

Using a practical business architecture approach, our consultants provide expertise and best practices to ensure our customers successfully achieve their mission, business vision, strategy and goals.


Typical deliverables include:

  • Architecture Vision;
  • Strategic themes, strategies, goals, objectives & performance measures;
  • Business model;
  • Business capability model (also with heat map for change management perspective);
  • Component business model (operating model perspective);
  • Value chain (functional perspective);
  • Business service model (from an outside in customer perspective);
  • Customer journey model;
  • Business process model (inside out perspective);
  • Business scenarios/value streams (event driven perspective);
  • Organisation model and target operating model;
  • Investment proposals; Recommendations.

Typical Outcomes

All too often, businesses embark on enterprise architecture solely from an IT perspective. This often leads to a mismatch between what the business wanted from IT and what IT actually delivers.

The value of our Business Architecture service is that it ensures the full alignment between a business and an IT perspective. Outcomes include making better decisions that are holistic and balanced.

Case Studies

  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Solution, application and technical architecture for strategic biometrics programme
  • Federated Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development and strategic new Quotation platform design
  • Enterprise Architecture Consulting
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture and Delivery Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Solution Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development

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