Technology Architecture

Our enterprise architecture consultancy practice provides a technology architecture service that helps clients with specific enterprise, programme or domain areas applying subject matter specialism in technical architecture, cloud platform architecture, infrastructure architecture and operational architecture. These disciplines are tailored to ensure the performance, availability, resilience, recoverability, integrity, scalability, security and serviceability of your business services.

Why Would You Need This Service?

This service is needed to develop a portfolio of technology and infrastructure components. This is used to understand the status and equipment in the current on-premises data centres that host your business software. The technology and infrastructure are described with a large number of properties, which are used for assessment of business resilience, disaster recovery, business value, stability, costs, issues, risks, heat maps for change.

This service also designs the enterprise technology services and components that will be hosted in the cloud.

How We Deliver This Service

Using reusable artefacts in our BLEAM™ and a consultative led approach we focus on tangible beneficial outcomes and then select architectures to achieve them. EAL use collaborative design, simplification, business domain expertise and technology leadership to deliver architecture work. Example service offerings include:

  • Enterprise Architecture: city, technical evolution and roadmap planning;
  • Cloud: Cloud platform architecture/design (AWS, Google, Azure, UK-Cloud);
  • Technical governance model, architecture principles;
  • Solution Architecture: infrastructure architecture and design;
  • Proof of concept, prototyping, best practices;
  • Design for non-functional requirements, design patterns, full stack;
  • Disaster Recovery: Continuity planning, data centre planning;
  • Infrastructure Architecture: network, servers, storage, systems management;
  • Operational Architecture: monitoring, alerting, performance, capacity, SLAs.


  • Technical infrastructure portfolio catalogue;
  • Technology services;
  • Technology components;
  • Technical standards;
  • Environments & locations;
  • Cloud platform architecture & design;
  • Operational architecture;
  • Non-Functional design.

Typical Outcomes

The technology architecture describes the infrastructure required to support the business applications, operations, security, non-functional requirements, networking, hardware, operating systems, and data. Security and quality of data are directly impacted by new technology innovations such as cloud computing, digital, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), SaaS and PaaS.

Technology has reached almost every level of business today. It is a key enabler for innovations and for running businesses in a better, faster and cheaper way, improving business value delivered. Large businesses looking to lower costs and increase flexibility are moving their entire infrastructure and data onto cloud architectures.

Case Studies

  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Solution, application and technical architecture for strategic biometrics programme
  • Federated Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development and strategic new Quotation platform design
  • IT Modernisation blueprint & roadmap
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture and Delivery Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Solution Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • IT Strategy Development

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