Innovations & Opportunities

At the core of our ethos, EAL use our benefits led EA methodology (BLEAM™) to understand the assets and capabilities of an organisation that could be evolved through the use of modern IT techniques to deliver business benefits to our clients. Innovations and opportunities are identified and reported as part of the output of our service.

Why Would You Need This Service?

Innovation is the driving force that breathes new life into how companies improve as a business and provide better ways of servicing their clients.

For most companies, IT is seen as a cost centre. EAL believes that innovation in IT leads to the opportunity to doing things better. IT should be a profit centre that contributes to revenue generation.

How We Deliver This Service

We will review whether the company’s organisation, people, capabilities, services, functions, processes and information are aligned with the organisation’s vision, strategies and goals. This provides an understanding of key requirements and primary goals.

Using practical architecture approaches, we provide expertise and best practices input to ensure successful business outcomes assisting with strategic decision making and the identification of future opportunities and investments.

We assess the current landscape to determine how well customer systems are supporting the business and help our clients to visualise innovative ways of doing business and what opportunities can be leveraged.


Sample deliverables may consist of any of the following:

  • Digital Strategy;
  • Business Process Models;
  • Business Architecture, cases and models;
  • Business Capability Model (change management perspective);
  • Component Business Model (operating model perspective);
  • Value Chain (functional perspective);
  • Service Model (outside in customer perspective);
  • Business Process Model (inside out perspective);
  • Business Scenarios/Value Streams (event driven perspective);
  • Organization model;
  • Technical Reviews;
  • Investment proposals;
  • Process and Systems Modelling;
  • Requirements Engineering;
  • Process Improvement;
  • Business Relationship Management;
  • Change Facilitation.

Typical Outcomes

Typical outcomes can be in the form of:

  • Streamlining IT systems and processes leading to improved ways of working;
  • Effective use of IT capabilities and modern technologies and how these can be consumed internally;
  • Changes to client facing services to take advantage of existing data assets;
  • Improvements to existing client offering or new services that can be monetised;
  • New product revenue generation opportunities.

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