Digital Assessment

Digital Assessment helps clients understand how well prepared they are for digital transformation. This service follows the same structured approach as the IT Portfolio Assessment service but brings in additional analysis of process and organisation.

What any business needs and expects from digital transformation is unique to the business, which is why we always tailor this service.

Any business contemplating digital transformation will benefit from this service. Digital assessment helps develop an understanding of the challenges ahead and where to target investment.

Why Would You Need This Service?

Digital transformation is about ensuring that your business can meet the needs today, but also that it is flexible enough to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The Internet has and will continue to change the business world. Customers, suppliers and partners expect more from their interactions with you: they expect seamless multi-channel interaction and self-service using mobile devices; they expect to have their needs anticipated and to be ‘known’. The Internet of Things is also gathering pace and businesses must be ready for the changes it will bring.

Digital services and the Internet of Things share a common need: they both require a business to be able to interact with customers, suppliers and partners through secure service integration across different channels.

For any business that grew up before the boom of the early 2000’s, or even younger businesses that have let their focus drift for more than a few years, meeting these expectations can be a challenge.

To become a ‘digital native’ business requires specific technology capabilities within the business, and it requires those capabilities to be integrated. A well architected systems environment is required. If all of this is not in place in your business, then EAL can help you build or transform your technology environment to be ready to meet the challenge.

How We Deliver This Service

Digital Assessment is usually the first step for a business contemplating a Digital Transformation. We will undertake a short review, completed in phases, of your systems, processes, organisation and data. This is usually carried out by a small team over 6-12 weeks. Stakeholder interviews are beneficial; however, our analysis can also be completed off-site using available documentation.

Phases of service delivery:

Initiation: captures the business context along with general and specific drivers for the digital assessment; also fixes the scope for the exercise;

Preliminary Analysis: establishes the architecture frameworks to be used and data-points to be collected; also identifies sources of information, and perhaps named points-of-contact;

Discovery: construction of a catalogue of applications, data, technologies, processes and organisation structure, populated with multiple data points against each element;

Analysis: interpretation and presentation of the assessment findings, typically expressed in terms of the fitness of each component, its sustainability and its contribution to the overall risk profile.


The focus of the assessment work will be:

  • The ability of customer facing systems (websites, apps etc.) to present and consume digital services;
  • The ability of the core business systems to expose and consume digital services;
  • The ability of core integration systems to manage data services and APIs;
  • The ability of business processes to function in a multi-channel environment;
  • The ability of the IT organisation to manage a digital environment;
  • The ability of the business organisation to support and work with digital services and multichannel working;
  • The quality and consistency of the underpinning data within systems.

Standard deliverables form part of the outputs used to drive Digital Transformation:

  • Core IT Portfolio Assessment deliverables: Portfolio catalogue, benchmarking, business criticality matrix; portfolio views, portfolio risk profile;
  • Additional Digital Assessment deliverables: Process assessment, technical assessment, organisation structure/skills/roles, data quality and consistency

Typical Outcomes

One of the key decisions involved in a digital transformation programme is whether existing capabilities can support the change. Digital Assessment answers this question and allows a business to move forward with confidence.

Case Studies

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  • GRID Smart Machines Digital Transformation & Delivery
  • Digital Transformation & Delivery
  • IT Strategy Development

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