Enterprise Architecture Capability Assessment

Our enterprise architecture capability maturity model (EACMM) assessment service helps clients evaluate the maturity of their enterprise architecture capability.

The EACMM is an independent evaluation designed to improve the overall architecture capability. The assessment is developed over 3 phases:

  • The Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model;
  • Enterprise Architecture Characteristics at Different Maturity Levels and Performance Criteria;
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Maturity Model Assessment Scorecard.

Recommendations for each assessment area are provided to establish a route for increasing maturity, to a desired target maturity level.

Why Would You Need This Service?

This service is used to assess the capability maturity level of enterprise architecture in the business and helps track how EA is being matured and improved. Typically, an EA CMM assessment is measured at the beginning of an EACD phase 1 and again in phase 6. The target for many businesses is to improve the EACMM score by an average of 1 (for example from 1 to 2 or from 2 to 3) or more within a 12 month period.

How We Deliver This Service

Our EACMM product will evaluate the current situation and detail recommendations across the following architecture areas:

  • Architecture process;
  • Architecture content and documentation;
  • Business and IT alignment;
  • Senior management involvement;
  • Other entity participation (acceptance);
  • Other entity participation (representation);
  • Architecture communication (decisions);
  • Architecture communication (awareness);
  • Architecture tooling;
  • Risk and information security;
  • Governance and compliance;
  • Architecture framework;
  • Strategy and business linkage;
  • IT investment and acquisition strategy;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Structure and roles;
  • EA capability roadmap.


An Enterprise Architecture Capability Maturity Assessment Report is produced containing:

  • EA Capability Maturity Assessment (EACMM) – Findings;
  • EA Capability Maturity Assessment (EACMM) – Recommendations;
  • EA Capability Transformation Roadmap.

Typical Outcomes

In general, the assessment:

  • Helps businesses to evaluate and evolve the maturity of their enterprise architecture capability;
  • Individual capability areas are assessed and measured for improvements with a plan of action;
  • Progress can be measured at different times, such as the start and end of a programme of work, to demonstrate and report on improvements in that period;
  • Efficient, trusted and EA focused approach based on the well know CMMI maturity standard.

Case Studies

  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Federated Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development and strategic new Quotation platform design
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture and Delivery Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development

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