Internal Audit SME Support

The age of unprecedented technological advancement and globalisation has come with masses of opportunities and possibilities for companies across all industries. With these sophisticated advancements, more sophisticated threats have emerged and therefore the need for compliance and control.

In addition, digitisation has ensured traditional markets have become democratised allowing smaller and greater number of competitors to enter resulting in greater customer demand, margin pressure and the need for greater operational efficiency to survive. For this new context the need to ensure periodic audit of processes and controls across your business is paramount to ensure timely interventions and mitigation.

We have an in depth understanding of the different component parts that make up any business and therefore well positioned to develop the optimal business assurance model for your organisation. We design the detailed questionnaires, tools, processes and assessment methods needed to execute effective, independent audits keeping the right priorities in mind.

If you are a business that already have your own audit processes and procedures in place but lack SMEs for assurance of IT, data, application or the business design landscape we can help you fill the gap with our deep architecture and implementation experiences in those areas.

Why Would You Need This Service?

To carry out effective audits and assurance of your business to keep it on track and ensure leakage of value is prevented. An effective audit procedure identifies your deficiencies and weaknesses, which can be addressed before they are exploited by competitors or other internal/external threats. Audits can also highlight opportunities to be exploited to increase profitability.

How We Deliver This Service

If you have an established internal audit capability, we will follow your methodology and tools to carry out an independent audit after agreeing your objectives and priorities for the audit up front. Alternatively, we can help you design and set up an internal audit capability architecting the required capabilities and components and the right business operating model for ongoing operational execution of audits.

Where the requirement is for audit SMEs only, our resources will work with your team to provide independent, expert advice, assurance and support for designing, executing and assessing audit findings and providing possible fixes and solutions where appropriate.


One or more of the following artefacts may be delivered:

  • Audit framework and templates;
  • Audit capability design & target operating model;
  • Audit objectives & approach document;
  • Survey designs and target audience list;
  • Audit report with verdict, findings, assessments and recommendations.

Typical Outcomes

Enabling an audit capability and/or executing effective internal audits will result in the following outcomes:

  • Highlight key weaknesses in people, process, technology and security that needs to be addressed;
  • Highlight opportunities that can be exploited;
  • Independent assurance and evidence for regulatory and other external compliance;
  • Avert potential catastrophe before they occur;
  • Provide confidence and reassurance to shareholders about the health of your business.

Case Studies

  • Solution, application and technical architecture for strategic biometrics programme

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