Architecture Governance – Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture & Design

EAL’s architecture governance & planning service helps clients establish the key governance principles, bodies and boards, operating processes, roles and responsibilities. We define and operationalise enterprise architecture, solution architecture and technical design governance and make it work in your business.

We will establish an architecture review board, a design authority and an architecture group and will integrate these into your existing organisation structure and governance mechanisms.

Our architecture governance service addresses the challenges presented by governing change and assessing compliance.

EAL will mobilise operational processes to ensure cohesion of solutions, programmes, projects and stakeholders transforming from an operating in silos organisation to a central change function. This facilitates business and IT transformations.

Why Would You Need This Service?

Good governance is at the heart of any successful business. It is essential to ensure that the strategies and the target architecture, goals and objectives are used to drive the transformation.

Governance applies to principles, standards, policies, rules, regulations from the perspective of shareholders, regulators and the wider community. Compliance assessments ensures that what was supposed to be done, was actually achieved. Non-compliance or partial compliance also represents an opportunity to harvest new ideas, innovations and subsequently update the target architecture.

How We Deliver This Service

Our architecture governance service will ensure that your business is able to monitor, manage and control the implementation of your business and IT strategies and target architecture.

Firstly, we will assess the scope and context of your existing governance structure.

Governance enables your business to ensure that the strategy and target architecture is realised. Governance comprises all of the processes of governing what needs to change as a defined by all domains of the target architecture. Governance occurs at various levels: for the enterprise architecture, business areas, and specific business capabilities.

Compliance ensures that implemented changes conform to the target architecture, principles, decisions, policies, standards, rules and regulations. Compliance occurs at various levels: for the solution architecture, technical design and control of outsourced solution development, especially when executed by external system integration and development partners.

EAL will work with you to develop, plan and communicate a high-level realisation of architecture governance and compliance.


  • Architecture Governance Principles;
  • Architecture Governance Model;
  • Roles and Responsibilities;
  • Terms of Reference:
    • Architecture Review Board;
    • Architecture Group;
    • Technical Design Authority.
  • Architecture Contracts (with external development partners);
  • Architecture Governance Management – Digital Templates;
    • Architecture Waiver;
    • Request for Architecture Work;
    • Architecture Decision;
    • Design Assurance Minutes;
    • Compliance Checks;
    • Architecture Change Note;
    • Architecture Release / Configuration Management;
    • Architecture Review / Comments / Approval.
  • Mandates/Terms of Reference;
  • RACI;
  • Governance Lifecycle;
  • Governance Operating Processes & Procedures;
  • Project Interaction at Quality Gates.

Typical Outcomes

Architecture Governance ensures that the process by which decision are made is transparent and based on. The concept of “good governance” then emerges as a way to demonstrate that the business is efficient and effective and to distinguish the businesses from those that are not. An efficient and well governed business will have a clearer history of decisions, better morale and motivation, and will be more successful.

Case Studies

  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Federated Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development and strategic new Quotation platform design
  • Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture and Technical Design Governance

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