IT Governance

Our IT Governance Service provides an independent capability for executive leadership teams to define and evaluate the current state and future state of the IT governance function with measured execution. We assess where you are now, compare it to where you want your business to be and provide you with recommendations along the way to help achieve major milestones.

Why Would You Need This Service?

Businesses increasingly depend on modern and effective IT for the delivery of their services – be it directly through digital services or indirectly through systems such areas as controlling logistics and business processes. If this IT is poorly managed or poorly controlled, then at best the business will be inefficient and at worst the entire business can be at risk.

Making matters worse IT is changing at an ever-increasing pace, making the control of change in the business critical. Effective IT governance is at the heart of making sure that all your IT is managed effectively and that change occurs in a controlled manner, and only done to benefit the business not simply because it is the latest fad.

How We Deliver This Service

We recommend the use of COBIT 2019 (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies). Our team is highly experienced in the most widely accepted models of IT governance, COBIT, ITIL, CMMI, ISO20000, PMBOK, ValIT, and can also help you implement customised governance models.

We will work with you to determine your governance needs and put in place a plan to transform from your current governance practices to a controlled and mature governance environment. While the exact phases of this transformation will be determined by the specific needs of your business, the following broad phases would normally be anticipated:

Assessment of current governance practices
During this phase we assess your current governance for its effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Governance strategy
We will work with you to develop a strategy for how governance will be achieved in the future within your business.

Governance transformation plan
A transformation roadmap will be developed to enable your business to transform its governance.

Governance transformation
We implement the agreed governance transformation plan and manage the transformation process.


  • Current governance assessment;
  • Governance risks and issues;
  • Governance strategy;
  • Governance transformation plan.

Typical Outcomes

We often see businesses that have poor governance control. Sometimes this is due to loss of focus on governance due to the pressure of large complex delivery programmes, sometimes this is due to financial constraint making it appear a low priority. Whatever the reason the result is that the business struggles to understand the reasoning behind its own decisions, and the cost benefit of change is rarely known. By driving strong governance into businesses EAL have helped to ensure that business deliver against their strategy in an effect manner and that change is directed and managed for the benefit of the business.

Case Studies

  • IT Modernisation blueprint & roadmap
  • IT Strategy Development
  • Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture and Technical Design Governance
  • IT Strategy Development

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