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EAL’s digital strategy service helps clients to rapidly establish a Digital Strategy and associated implementation roadmaps using our enterprise architecture capability development (EACD) practice signature product.

The digital economy has changed the business world; new emerging digital technologies, such as the internet of things (IoT), are continuing to change it. For many businesses getting onboard with digital is an imperative. However, for any business that grew up before the boom of the early 2000’s, or even younger businesses that have let their focus drift for more than a few years, undertaking a digital transformation can be extremely challenging.

Why Would You Need This Service?

EAL’s digital strategy service allows our customers to understand the challenges they will face and develop a strategic approach to digital transformation that will securely and efficiently change the business. Digital can mean different things to different businesses; and so EAL tailors it’s approach to your needs. For some it means customer facing services running through to back-end systems; for others it is breaking down traditional application boundaries to provide a much more flexible processing environment; to some it is being able to take advantage of cloud services to reduce the cost of IT.

Whatever the specific challenge, having a strong strategic approach helps to ensure success.

How We Deliver This Service

EAL would normally recommend that a digital assessment is performed before embarking on the development of a digital strategy. This will provide the understanding of the current capabilities of the business for digital and will form the basis from which a strategy is developed. If this is not performed EAL will presume that information on the current state of the business for digital is available through other means.

The development of the digital strategy will follow a phased sequence:

Vision and Principles
EAL will work with the business to develop a set of business requirements and principles for what a successful digital transformation will look like and will then use that to develop and agree a digital vision.

Digital Strategy
Based on the differential between the digital vision and the current capability of the business in regard to digital, EAL will produce and agree a digital strategy. The digital strategy will identify changes that must be made within technology, process, organisation and/or data to enable a successful digital transformation.

Technology Investment
Based on the digital strategy and the current state of digital in the business a set of recommendations for technology investment will be made.

Roadmaps and Delivery Plans
Roadmaps and technical delivery plans will be developed to bring the digital strategy to fruition.

Next Steps
EAL usually recommend that an enterprise architecture is developed that will support the digital transformation and provide the blueprint for the required business and technology transformation.


  • Digital transformation requirements;
  • Digital transformation principles;
  • Digital vision;
  • Digital strategy;
  • Digital technology investment recommendations;
  • Digital implementation roadmaps.

Typical Outcomes

We often see organisations that have attempted digital transformations and have ended up with websites that fail to connect to the back-end systems providing core services, and so fail to achieve digital transformation. By developing a digital strategy EAL can help its clients avoid these mistakes.

We will work with you to ensure that your business services can be securely harnessed to delivery integrated digital services through multiple channels to deliver the personalised digital service your customers expect.

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