Cloud Native Services

EAL takes an organisation on a full journey to cloud, underpinned by real world expertise of cloud technologies, business analysis and detailed planning and design services. Our approach encompasses consultancy, detailed planning and migration services, facilitating live cloud services aligned to your business need.

Why Would You Need This Service?

Moving some or all of your processing and storage to the cloud can bring many benefits, from improved disaster recovery and business continuity, to reduced costs and asset free processing. However, moving from on-premise data centres to the cloud is not without its challenges: security is potentially complex, integration becomes much more critical, performance can be harder to monitor, and selecting the right services from the large list of potential offerings is not simple.

EAL’s cloud migration service enables you to take advantage of our experience in having done it successfully many times before on a variety of different cloud platforms (we have specific experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, however we also have experience in more niche cloud providers). We can help you de-risk your cloud migration and ensure that the environments and cloud services utilised are right for you.

Many businesses are adopting a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for selected applications; this cloud model means that the details of the technology layer for the application are removed from sight, simplifying the IT of the application from the business perspective. However, this approach often implies that a business must use multiple different cloud providers (as it has no control over the provider used by the SaaS applications). Within a multi-cloud environment, it is even more important to get network connectivity, security and integration right to ensure that the overall IT environment is performant.

How We Deliver This Service

EAL would normally recommend that an IT Strategy, with a focus on cloud processing, is performed before embarking on a cloud migration. This will provide the understanding of the desired direction and target benefits. If this is not performed EAL will presume that information on the overall IT Strategy is available through other means.

If the IT strategy has not already identified a specific default cloud service provider, EAL can assist in selection and procurement of a primary cloud provider.

The exact approach to your cloud migration will depend on the specifics of your challenge and EAL will agree this with you prior to commencement. However, we would usually use our enterprise architecture capability development (EACD) methodology and techniques to deliver cloud migration outputs, in particular we will heavily utilise the technology architecture layer within the EACD method.


Standard outputs that are likely to be produced (subject to agreement) include:

  • Business case;
  • Current state technology services capture and definition;
  • Issues list and prioritisation;
  • Cloud vision statement;
  • Initiatives roadmap;
  • Target state cloud solution design:
    • Standard environment build and service usage;
    • Security architecture and design;
    • Integration architecture and design;
    • Performance management and monitoring approach.

Cloud Native Services

Assessment & Architecture

A cloud readiness assessment provides a plan for the clarity and concrete steps required to successfully adopt cloud.

Best Practice

Certified architects helps you to create a successful cloud environment in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and/or Google cloud.

Build & Migrate

We are cloud specialists that helps you to create deployment strategy, cloud architecture and successfully migrate your data to the cloud.


1Tech has certified and specialised competence with extensive experience of Public, Private and Hybrid cloud AWS platforms.

Automation & Optimisation

Optimise your cloud environment to cut your costs, automate day-to-day workloads and also keep your environment scaled to fit your business needs.

Application Modernisation

Transform your existing systems through layer modernisation.

Data Management

Modern data management and data platform services.


Real-time data stream movement, Relational Database-as-a-Service solutions.


Interactive analytics, big data processing, data warehousing, real time analytics, operational analytics, dashboards and visualisations solutions.

Data Lakes

Object storage, backup and archive, data catalog, third party data solutions.

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

AI/ML Frameworks and interfaces, platform services solutions.

Cost Management

Achieve maximum cloud cost-effectiveness. We usually achieve >35% cost savings.

Managed Cloud Services

Professional IT operation, management and support of public, private and hybrid cloud platforms.


Monitoring your cloud environments and platform keeping it up and running 24×7.


Experts in cloud security - automation, policing, monitoring and proactivity permeate the work and ensure our customers cloud operations are secure.

Disaster Recovery

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan (DPR) that can lead your organisation through rough times? We create Disaster Recovery Plans that fits your organisation.

Typical Outcomes

  • Proven and transparent process, providing easy to understand results;
  • Experienced consultants, architects and implementation specialists;
  • Secure a low risk cloud migration through detailed planning;
  • Deep expertise on AWS platform both IaaS and PaaS;
  • Deep expertise on Microsoft Azure platform both IaaS and PaaS.

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