Digital Transformation

The exact nature of Digital Transformation at any given business is unique, so EAL provide a number of services that can be tailored together to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

We would usually recommend starting with an IT Portfolio Assessment, with a focus on the ability of your current applications to support Digital Services, your integration layers to present Digital Services, and your presentation systems and websites ability to consume these services and interact with customers effectively. Based on the findings of this assessment we would generally recommend the development of an IT Vision for what your business will be like once Digitally Transformed, followed by the development of an IT and Business Strategy to achieve the desired transformation.

Once a strategy for Digital Transformation is agreed the next step is to utilise EAL’s Enterprise Architecture Development Capability to develop the architecture and roadmap for your transformation and guide the change programme to successful delivery.

Why Would You Need This Service?

The internet has and will continue to change the business world. Like it or not customers, suppliers and business partners now expect more from their interactions with a business; they expect multichannel, self-service, to interact from mobile devices while on the move, to have their needs anticipated, and to be known. For any business that grew up before the boom of the early 2000’s, or even younger businesses that have let their focus drift for more than a few years, meeting these expectations can be a challenge.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gathering pace now and businesses must be ready for the changes it will bring if they want to ride the wave. The IoT is all about devices communicating with systems automatically, no human is necessarily involved. The control of such services can in itself be a challenge.

Digital Transformation is about ensuring that your business can meet the challenges today, but also that it is flexible enough to be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Digital services and the IoT share a common need; they require a business to be able to communicate with customers, suppliers and partners through service integration across different channels and have an ability to push these services out securely, allowing them to be consumed in whatever manner meets the consumer’s needs. Businesses must accept that they will open up their internal systems to a much greater degree than ever before.

To become a digital native business requires some specific technology capabilities within the business, and it requires those capabilities to be integrated. A well architected systems environment is required.

If all of this is not in place at your business, then EAL can help you build or transform your technology environment to be ready to meet the challenge.

How We Deliver This Service

The exact manner in which we assist in the successful delivery of your digital transformation will vary from case to case depending on the specifics of the challenge facing your business.


Standard deliverables form part of the outputs used to drive digital transformation:

  • IT Portfolio Assessment;
  • IT Vision;
  • IT Strategy;
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Development.

If needs by EAL can also assist within the delivery of the programme through our Programme Delivery Service.

Typical Outcomes

We often see organisations that have attempted digital transformations and have ended up with websites that fail to connect to the back-end systems providing core services, and so fail to achieve digital transformation. Our focus is on ensuring that all the layers of your business systems can work together to meet the challenges.

This does not mean full systems refreshes; often we can work with old systems by ‘wrapping’ them in such a manner as that they can continue to play their part within a digital service environment.

The most common outcome we see is a refreshed service integration environment that enables business systems to work with rich customer experience presentation systems to deliver digital transformation across the enterprise.

We will work with you to ensure that your business services can be securely harnessed to delivery integrated digital services through multiple channels to deliver the personalised digital service your customers expect.

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