Programme Delivery

EAL’s programme delivery service has helped our clients deliver their toughest transformation programmes successfully. Our programme delivery experience relies on our traditional and significant foundations of technology delivery and change expertise using industry standard methodologies for programme management, change management, risk management, analysis, business process improvements, architecture, design, software delivery, testing and service transition.

Our consultants are experienced practitioners who can apply the hard-won experience that comes from delivering transformational change.

We will work with you to set-up and tailor the delivery of your programme. We will provide a focused team that has the right skills and experience. We will work with you closely to produce results that have real ownership and buy-in.

We’ll ensure that the programme is delivered in full and on budget. We’ll bring a deep understanding of the business and technology and will immerse ourselves in the specifics of your business. We don’t just bring a programme management cook book.

We are proud to have been involved in critical and complex transformative changes for our clients; assisting them to de-risk their programmes and securely delivery effective business transformation.

Why Would You Need This Service?

Typical reasons businesses call us in to manage their programme delivery are complexity, size and expected transformation impacts. Our clients’ programmes are often in the instance of major business transformation or they are seeking to create a significant advantage against the competition. Our clients appreciate our significant expertise in shaping and managing delivery of complex programmes that involve a high degree of architectural complexity. EAL’s significant intellectual capital and experience in managing successful programmes is key to our continued programme delivery success.

How We Deliver This Service

This service is compliant with the MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) standard. These procedures:

  • Determine the objective of the programme and the intended benefits for the organisation;
  • Define the programme and specify the change for the organization afterwards;
  • Determine the programme;
  • Coordinate and supervise the projects within a programme;
  • Supervise the transition between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ working practices; and
  • Close the programme and make sure the final object is achieved.

While EAL has its own approach and use of standard methodologies within Programme Delivery, we will always tailor our approach to meet the needs of the client and the standards and approaches they utilise.

Typical Outcomes

True leadership – Often these the programmes we work in consist of large teams, multiple stakeholders, divisions, business functions, locations – all of which need coordinating, empowering and encouraging. Often many third-party external suppliers may be involved, who are accountable for delivery – given real clarity on their role and scope, and a commercial framework that incentivises their success for a fair price. We provide people with the experience to get the best outcomes under these conditions, balancing leadership and management to create a working environment that will enable the team to be successful. It’s about leading the project smoothly towards the agreed objectives, in a manner that is tuned-in to the culture of your organisation.

Fitting in around you – we not only have the necessary project delivery experience and expertise, we also have the ability and attitude to quickly fit in and build a great working relationship with your team. We will hit the ground running and are keen to work alongside you to deliver. We’ll fit in with your culture and ways of working, but we’ll also bring our insight and experience and not be afraid to challenge the status quo. Above all, we understand how to apply our experience to your business and to the situation, without taking a one-size-fits-all generic approach.

Implementing strategy – We will act in an independent manner mindful always of supporting your agenda. Acting collaboratively at every level within your organisation, we will create energetic relationships with all people.

Leveraging our experience – What we know isn’t learnt by books, it’s experience we have gathered in the most difficult and complex programmes. Our first-hand experience and know how is unlikely to be found internally and that is where we come in. Working with us, our clients usually experience delivery on time, in full and on budget. We contain world leading experience of business, technology, change management and programme management, establishing and delivering programmes in a planned, controlled and efficient manner.

Case Studies

  • Solution, application and technical architecture for strategic biometrics programme
  • Digital Transformation & Delivery

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