Solution Architecture

EAL’s solution architecture service assists our clients to develop solution architectures that work effectively with their existing IT environment to provide a holistic solution for the business domain.

Solution architecture is not just about the technology solution. EAL’s Solution architecture service also addresses how the business must transform to make best use of the new solution in terms of processes, roles and role definitions, organisational structure or any other aspect impacted.

Why Would You Need This Service?

Whether you are deploying a COTS (Commercially Off the Shelf) package or developing a bespoke application, getting the solution architecture right is pivotal to the short-term success of the implementation and the long-term flexibility and life span of the business solution. Even with a SaaS solution it is critical to architect the manner in which it works with the rest of your business’s IT landscape; from security to data management, and from business processes to end user presentation.

This service assumes that an Enterprise Architecture exists at some level. If this is not the case EAL would recommend that a short, focused, piece of enterprise architecture is developed.

How We Deliver This Service

The approach taken by EAL will be determined through discussion with the client and the specifics of the solution being architected. However, it is likely to follow such a sequence:

1- Project Initiation and Mobilisation

2- Requirement Analysis

3- Solution Vision and Conceptual Solution Architecture

4- High Level Solution Architecture (in compliance with an Enterprise Architecture if one exists)

5- Low Level Solution Architecture

6- Implementation Roadmaps (technology, business transformation, etc.)


EAL will review and assess the project requirements and work with the client to determine the appropriate Solution Architecture deliverables, but these may include:

Solution Architecture:

  • Solution Function Architecture;
  • Solution Integration Architecture;
  • Solution Infrastructure Architecture;
  • Solution Security Architecture;
  • Solution Data Architecture;
  • Solution User Experience Architecture;
  • Solution Process Architecture;
  • Solution Service Architecture.

Solution Requirements:

  • Business Requirement;
  • Technology Requirement;
  • Integration Requirement;
  • Business Transformation Requirement;
  • Migration Requirement;
  • Decommissioning Requirement.

Implementation Roadmaps:

  • Business Transformation Plan;
  • Solution Implementation Roadmap;
  • System Decommissioning Plan;
  • Data Migration Plan.

Typical Outcomes

The general outcome of the solution architecture is to provide the client with a blueprint for delivery and an architecture that enables them to securely move into delivery, with their own development team or third-party delivery partners.

Where a third party is being used the Solution Architecture enables detailed pricing and the development of detailed supply contracts.

Case Studies

  • Solution, application and technical architecture for strategic biometrics programme
  • GRID Smart Machines Digital Transformation & Delivery
  • Solution Architecture
  • Digital Transformation & Delivery

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